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July 12, 2012
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One lovely evening in *name of city*, ____ was making a lovely dinner for her two best friends, Arthur and Alfred. You made sure that everything was perfect, you finished setting the dining room table and now moved on to cleaning around the house. About a half an hour later the doorbell rang, you hurried to the door, forgetting to take off the apron you were wearing. They looked at you and chuckled until Alfred finally broke the laughter "hey ____, nice apron" he smirked slightly. "you git, be kind to _____, she did cook us dinner after all" "that big talk from a man who can't cook for the life of him" Alfred replied.  You looked at both of them and laughed, they walked in and they both gave you a hug. You looked at both of them, "well without further ado, ....." before you could finish you sentence Alfred budded in and proclaimed "LET'S EAT!" Arthur scoffed at Alfred, while you just chuckled. All three of you made your way to the dining room table, sat down and started to eat. You all chatted for a while before noticing Alfred picking at his vegetables, you looked at Arthur who said "you git!, eat your vegetables!, _____ made this for us!", you jut sat there and giggled. You eventually got Alfred to eat his vegetables, right after you ate your dinner Arthur tapped you on the shoulder and says "something does not feel right, love" "I know what you mean Arthur" there was a moment of silence before all of the lights in the house turned off. You let out a scream, Arthur sounded full of concern "_____ are you alright, did you hurt yourself?" you let out a slight whimper while holding on to the cut you had on your hand. Arthur felt around until he found your arm "Bloody hell, I can't see a thing" he remember how you put candles on the table before you ate, he eventually found a match with no help from Alfred, he was in the corner mumbling on about how some psycho killer was going to come and kill us all. Arthur lit the candles and noticed that you had a stream of blood running down your hand, "love, does it hurt?" you were so overwhelmed in the pain that all you could do was nod. You told him where the first aid kit was held, he found the gauze and the sterilizer to clean up the cut, he called Alfred to come hold your hand up to keep it steady. With both of the guys around you, you blushed and sat down so you could let Arthur take a look at that cut. Arthur looked at you  sympathetically and stated "Love, this will hurt a bit, but please do stay calm", he started to clean the wound and you whimpered again, Alfred bent down and whispered "come now, the hero is here, nothing to be afraid of", you slightly chuckled and winced again right after. You saw the accomplished look on Arthur's face when he finished bandaging up your injured hand "really ____ you have to be more careful with knives" Alfred chuckled. You looked at them and said "thank you, for fixing up my hand" they both smirked at you, "it was nothing" they said at the same time. They moved a little closer to you and said "would you like us to  kiss it better for you" they moved in to kiss your hand. They both stooped down and kissed your hand, until Alfred grabbed your other hand, they both started to kiss up your arm *refers to Addams family, with Gomez and Morticia* they got to about your shoulder you pushed them both away. They looked at you with fake hurtfulness in their eyes, you slowly start walking farther away from the lights that the candles emitted. When you backed up you tripped on something on the floor, "ouch, what the heck!" you heard the guys walk slowly up to you "leaving so soon? We haven't even had dessert yet" Arthur stated in the darkness, "please tell us you'll join us"  Alfred added. You feel them surround you their warmth inviting and friendly, or so you thought, with that they feverishly start making out every detail of your face with their lips, you felt the blush on your face become more and more intense. You felt Arthur move to your ear and whisper "my, love, your face is warm are you getting a fever or are you just happy to see us?" you felt Arthur's hand reach up to your forehead, "and you shivering as well but with us here there is no need to shiver" you heard Alfred whisper in the other ear. This went on for about a half an hour before the lights came back on, you saw them both with bright pink faces just like yourself, you thought to yourself "their courage vanished with the dark", you chuckled slightly and gave them both a kiss on the cheek and bid them their good byes. They left you house with their heart full to their content, you knew this because you heard them cheer a bit and give each other a high five. You laughed on last time before cleaning up, you once again thought to yourself "I guess black out's can't be so bad after all", and with that you washed up and went to bed dreaming about what happened.

The End
England x reader x America

hope you injoy :D

sadly i DO NOT own hetalia or the Addam's Family

beautiful picture by :iconmeru-chan: check her out
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