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July 11, 2012
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One fine day in *your town's name* you decided to visit your friend Alfred. You arrive at his house, but you felt as if things were off, you knock on the door anyway. You waited a few minutes before you hear someone say behind the door "sir, *your name*s outside should we let her in?" You knew who it was when you heard that heavy British accent. The Brit opened the door and Alfred jumped out and hugged you, you were surprised by his actions and asked him " Alfred what's all this about?" "oi *your name* don't worry the hero always needs a few body guards every now and then" you look at the Brit who you have known formally as Arthur, you were amazed at his suit he was wearing, the tuxedo, a dark pare of sunglasses, the ear piece, if you didn't know any better you would have thought he was in the secret service. Only Alfred knew about the crush you had on Arthur, you looked at Alfred in amazement and confusion and stated "how in hell did you get Arthur to be your body guard?" Alfred stood there smirking at you "*your name* he owed me a favor, and I'm glad you came because I owe you one as well". Alfred beckoned you to come into his home with Arthur not far behind him. To be honest you were a little scared  to walk into his house with what happened. There was lovely cookies on a plater in the kitchen, you attempted to grab but felt a hand grab your wrist, not rough and hard, but firm to keep it in place, you felt hot breath tickle your neck as you heard a whisper in your ear "you should wait until later for the sweet stuff alright, love", your mind went wild with that comment "he's hold my wrist, he whispered in me ear, and he called me love" you hear Alfred call out " hey *your name* you coming or what?". Arthur let go of your wrist, and you walked to Alfred a little upset that Arthur let go. You saw Alfred sitting on a chair. Now why are you really here *your name* he smirked at you, are you here to see me, or my body guard over here, he pointed to Arthur who was standing beside Alfred, who also had a smug smirk on his beautiful face. "Alfred you didn't tell him did you?!" You asked alarm filling your voice, you wanted to ring Alfred's neck so badly, you reached out to do so but you were blocked by two hands grabbing your wrists and Arthur said "*your name* I can not allow you to do that, Alfred what should I do to her?". You could have sworn you saw Alfred's eyes light up he replied in a sly manner "oh no *your name* you could have hurt me, Arthur take her down". Arthur let go of one of your wrists and wrapped his arm around your back, he brought you down to the carpeted floor and loomed over you. Arthur's emerald orbs staring into your *eye color* orbs, Alfred left the room and stated as he left "you two have fun" as Alfred closed the door behind him you felt Arthur bend down to your ear and heard him say "now we can do this the easy way or the hard way" he asked you in a seductive manor. You gulped hard at his question, but did not answer, Arthur was getting tired of waiting for your answer and bent down to your face, he gently brushed his lips against yours as if to tease you. Now *your name*, do you have answer for me now? He looked down at you smirking, without noticing what you said "if you say love in your next sentence then I'll let you choose for me" you were blushing, you thought your face was going to melt from the heat radiating off of it. He smiled at you and said "anything you want to do love, I'm happy to do with you" he bent down and kissed you with so much passion that you thought you were going to pass out, you finally relaxed into the kiss and started kissing back. Without noticing the picture that slipped through the door, you both broke the kiss on the count that you both needed air. You happen to look at the floor where you see the picture, on the back it said To:*your name* under it read "your very own secret service", the picture was of the kiss Arthur and you shared, you blushed as Arthur walked up to you he said "now I'm yours *your name*" he kisses you again you have never been happier, he whispered in your ear "now love, what should we do?" you just stayed there blushing, let's just say the rest of the night is a night you'll never forget.

The End    
England x reader, injoy it :D

England: why must i be the help?!

Me: cause i want you to!

England: it's because not "cause"

Me: do you want me to drop you off in a closed off area filled with fangirls?


Me: thought so

well i sadly DO NOT own Hetalia
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