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July 11, 2012
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You were sitting on a tree stump reading your favorite book. You look up to see a man with rabbit ears and a fluffy tail. You could hear him say "the awesome me can not be late, I must find her" you walk up to him slowly and asked him "excuse me sir, but who are you?" he turned around, looking at you with his ruby red eyes he smiled and merrily stated "why, none other than the awesome Prussia or the white rabbit to you babe" you look at him in confusion, you sighed and stated "please don't call me that, and by the way what were you looking for anyway?" he chuckled at you "I'm here to find you _____" he grabbed your wrist and started running. To be honest you had no clue where he was taking you to, you yelled at him "where the heck are you taking me!" he stopped abruptly and pushed you down a rabbit hole, you were screaming blue murder at this time. You looked at Prussia, he looked cool and contempt he smiled at you and said "now I bet your wondering why the awesome me would do this" you nod and let him continue, "well it's because someone in wonderland wants to see you _____". When you hear the name wonderland a small bell rang in you head as you remembered that lovely place. A smile appeared on the rabbits face, he asked you " he said there would be a wonderful tea party for you". After you hear tea party you knew who it was exactly, you smiled to your self thinking about that rather attractive hatter in wonderland. You reach the bottom with a thump and get up and brush off your beautiful green dress. "____" the rabbit called, you look at him he then asked you "would you like me to walk you to Arthur?" "no that won't be nessecery Prussia thank you". You walk along the winding roads untill you saw a sign that said Mad Hatter, you followed the arrow untill you saw the gate that led into the hatter's garden. You walk in and you noticed that it was only you and Arthur, Arthur looks up at you and says "why hello ____ I've been expecting you " he smiles and walks towards you. You hug him in a deep embrace, his scent lingering in your nose, he smelt of tea. He let go and he looked down at you, he smiled at you and asked "would you like a cup of tea, ____" you nodded as he pulled out a chair for you to sit on. You gingerly sit down and he pours the tea, and sits down beside you not knowing you were actually sitting on a two person chair. He stirred his tea and licked the spoon, you slowly took a sip and smiled at it's delicious flavor, Arthur look at you and said "I'm glad you are enjoying", without noticing he slid his arm around your waist, you jump at the sudden touch. Arthur pulled you in closely and whispered in you ear and asked "do you want to play a game with me?" you have always loved games of all sorts, you look at him with a slight blush on you face, you ask him "what kind of game?" he chuckled and whispered again "hide and seek" you looked at him a little happy because you were one of the best at this game, you ask him "what happens if I win?" he smirked and replied "you can have all the tea you want" "and if I lose?" You asked he smirked slyly and said "I get to kiss you". You blushed at what he said to you, he gently lifted up your chin with his index finger and whispered "now run and hide, because I promise I will find you" at that, you were out of his sight in a matter of seconds. He chuckled to himself and said "well this shouldn't be to hard". You were running through the woods where you heard a sound, it was so eery that you ran and hid in the nearest bush you could find. You were close to shattering tears when you heard footsteps getting closer, you thought it was ether Arthur or that monster, it jumped in with you. You finally open your eyes and see the Cheshire cat staring at you, his beautiful blue eyes and single cow luck in his hair, he chuckled and said "____ long time no see" he hugged you and you asked "Alfred what are you doing here?" "I was just about to ask you the same thing" you whispered "well if you must know I was hiding from Arthur, we're playing hide and seek" "oh" he smiled slightly and said "well I'll let you get back to your game ___" you waved bye to your friend as he left the bush. You quickly jump out of the bush and ran further into the forest, you came across this large tree, you want to climb up it but since your in your dress that was out of the question. You saw the pine needles lying on the ground in a pile you jump in seeing as your dress matches the color nicely, you wait eagerly in the patch of needles waiting, you felt a tap on your foot, you held your breath as you turned your head to see who it was, hoping it wasn't Arthur. You saw Alfred again smiling down at you he whispered "hello again, you have to do a lot better then that to hide from Arthur you know" you looked confused and asked him "ok, where should I hide then?" he smiled and said "well some people go this way but I prefer the short cut, he gently pulled a tree branch and a door appeared. You cautiously walk through to see the end of the forest. You thought to yourself "it would take a while for Arthur to get here" you sat yourself under a tree and with your knowledge of trees and nature you made a realistic leaf blanket an covered yourself with it to look like a mound of leaves on the floor. You felt something drip down on your cheek you looked up to the source of the sticky liquid landing on your face, it was honey, you licked it a bit before someone ripped off your leaf blanket. You screamed as you saw Arthur stand in front of you smirking. Arthur said "found you love", after he finished you bolted remembering that they have to tap you to tell you that you are it, you were fast but Arthur was faster. You tripped and landed in a pile of leaves on your back, he walked up to you and smiled he said "I do believe I have won" he slowly walked up to you and bent down. He smirked a bit and said "you are smeared with honey, I can help you clean up" you blushed at what he said and swallowed. He leaned in and licked up the sticky liquid that was on your cheek, you shivered when his warm tongue touched your face, he then moved his way to your lips, his lips tasted like honey. The kiss finally ended with you red in the face he smirked and licked his lips and he said to you "now _____ it's your turn" he licked your lips and ran off, you were blushing madly and walked after Arthur. You thought to yourself "oh, my he.... he licked me" you licked your lips subconsciously and said "damn I have to find him, that was a..." before you could finish your sentence the same warm lips were pressed against yours again, you melted into the kiss, you could feel him smile into the kiss and when you two pulled away he said " we should do this again some day" he winked at you and wrapped his arm around your waist and walked you back to his house, let's just say you both forgot about the tea you were going to drink when you got back.

The End
another England x reader
hope you all injoy
hahaha :D

sadly i DO NOT own hetalia


Alice: you
White Rabbit: :iconawesomeprussiaplz:
Mad Hatter: :iconenglandplz:
Cheshire Cat: :iconalfredfjonesplz:
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Plus, Prussia as the White Rabbit and America as the Cheshire Cat? Pfft, as if I'd pass up the chance to read it!! XD
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